What We Do

We are a new breed of creators.

Here at the Knew-Cleus labs we've fostered a culture of ingenuity and consistency through tried and true methods. We've found that by taking the simple approach to the most complex problem sets, we have been able to warrant the desired results and set a basis for scalable methodology.  We understand that your customers engage with you in many ways that are unique to only to your business.

This uniqueness can be centered in the layout of your website, the set up of your store; or even a combination of the two. The thing is; no two stores and brands are alike, so therefore, no two marketing campaigns can equal the same. In other words, what works for them; may not truly work for you. Your campaigns should be tailored to YOUR business.

The data-scientists here at the Knew-Cleus labs have perfected the art of businesses growth through: efficacy audits, strategy road maps, buyer persona reporting, analytics, data visualization, content management, sales funnel construct, and creating agile websites.

There are a few questions we ask when sifting through your customer data:

Who/Where are your customers?

What do they desire?

What overlapping interests do your customer segments share?

When do they need your business?

How do these segments like to receive communications?

What experiences related to this product/service that drive demand for each customer segment?

& many more….

How We Do It


Here at the Knew-Cleus labs we nurture a staff of highly trained marketers with military grade analytical skillsets. In short, numbers just speak to us. We can extract our stories from your data in a number of ways: 

Provided the access to your in-house analytics, we can create accurate customer profiles to find key narratives and moments in time to strategically place relevant content.


By employing our comprehensive data collection package, we can utilize analytics pixels on your website and other digital properties to build customer profiles based on the engagement behavior.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can provide to boost your brand’s 

     Prospect Awareness
     Customer Engagement
     Sales Volume

Our Pricing Models:


With multiple services and product in the market, our clients call on us to form campaigns around specific offerings, great for new product/service launches!

Projects base prices vary.



For our seasoned business customers with on-going content requirements, we offer a comprehensive marketing package that includes our full suite of services.

Monthly retainer has 4 tiers;
call in today.



Some of our customers need strategies or content created on a bootstrap budget. We offer hourly rates on our most sought after services. Contact us now for a direct quote.

Rates begin at $45/hr



We are professionals. Our seasoned staff consists of certified Bing Ads Professionals and proud Google Partners.

Contact us today to find out how our scientists can help grow your business with tried and true methodology. We look forward to meeting you.

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