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              Knew-Cleus Marketing + Media is a creative collective that offers a full suite of digital and content marketing services. 

               Our focus is to position this capability around the specific needs of your individual business. Whether you need SEO services to compensate your Programmatic Ad placements or you need video content shot to place within your new mobile app build with us; KM+M aims to provide a valuable service to the varying needs of you, the modern day business.

Our services

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Geo-Target Marketing

Capture the audience.

Location-based marketing is a powerful strategy to create sales opportunities based on your target audience's physical location. Tactics could include a targeted campaign for a location-specific audience, based on proximity to a storefront, or contextual targeting based on search history and customer behavior near an event.

Content Creation

Captivate the audience.

We were born to create. From creative product photoshoots to interactive quizzes and 360 experiences, we create the content that engages your audience and delivers your message home.

 Audience Monetization

Build the wheel.

Build an eco-system of multiple sales funnels by leveraging your audience against the data. Monetize on your traffic by selling the right products to the right people at the right time. 

Consultation Calls

Learn on the fly.

Consult with professinal marketers who have well over 10+ years of marketing experience across digital and traditional methods. Find the answers to those hard questions, unlock the next level on your journey.
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